Betly is a social game/platform that allows friends to make fun (no money) bets with each other. It is hosted on an EC2 instance for rapid deployment and scalability.

For instance, one friend can post up a bet and a consequence ( I think U of M will beat MSU, the loser of the bet has to shave their head )

The app uses sendgrid and twilio to notify people when others have accepted their bets, and when the bet is updated.

After a bet has happened, the loser can upload a photo or file proving they lived up to their end of the bet.

Friends build up reputations and ranks based on how many bets they've won, participated in, or followed through on losing with.

All user data is held in Parse, and the verification files are also stored in Parse. Users can log in to Facebook with parse.

Future plans include developing ranking and leaderboards, ability to invite a friend to a challenge, tighter facebook integration ( use facebook profile photos, share with friends, etc )

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