Inspiration -

Arguments with friends over whether certain wagers ever took place, and what the stakes were (and if they were ever met or not)

What it does -

Allows the user to manage wagers with facebook friends (either sending wagers or accepting wagers), and to facilitate monetary transactions to take place after winner of said wager is determined. App will keep record of all wagers up to the last 90 days, and will keep track of when pending dues are met, as well as overall record of wagers won and lost.

How I built it -

I built the base of the Application in Objective C and used FireBase as the backend for our app. I used the Visa API as the method of paying for these bets.

Challenges I ran into -

Migrating from Parse to FireBase was the difficult part. Implementing the Visa API was relatively easy.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of -

Creating a smooth user interface that works seamlessly with Firebase's back-end services, while smoothly providing financial transaction services using Visa's and Capital One's APIs.

What I learned -

How to use Firebase's API and apply them to mobile applications, as well as how to implement Visa's API..

What's next for BetKeep -

To expand to allow user to sign-in using existing Google+ account or Twitter account to sign into app rather than forcing people without Facebook accounts to create a new account solely for this application. We would also like to see BetKeep be an android application and a web application, and allow all three platforms to be able to communicate with one another. Built With

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