A lot of people seat in front of a TV screen or laptop and watch videos. Even if they are impressed by the place where the video or the photo were taken, they won’t probably think to go there since they don’t know where is it and it is too complicated to plan the trip.

We would like to change it and to give these people a new way of traveling - from couch to couch!

How it works

You are watching a new movie in one of the video platforms and you are impressed by a picturesque place in it. You notice a button from Be There startup inviting you into the movie and you click it. You get a number of locations where the movie was made and you can choose the one you would like to visit. We help you to plan your perfect trip to the place.

During actual trip you shall have your itinerary in Be There mobile application and we will remind you about activities you have planned. Hence, you will never miss anything you wanted to do! Using Be There mobile application you can attach photos and videos to activities and share it. The photos and videos will be equipped with Be There button and if many people click on it or, better, book with Be There, you get paid!

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