Fady grew up in Egypt and was always jealous of his friends in the States and Canada who could attend an artist whenever he or she was in town. This difficulty in accessibility led me to brainstorm with the team and come up with a solution for those who: don't have money to purchase a concert ticket; cannot afford a VIP ticket; are too far away from the concert venue (often because they are in a different country)

How it works

The user downloads the BeThere app on their tablet or smartphone and using the 360 view technology he or she can experience the Virtual Reality of the concert from their home.

We redesigned a 360 camera platform using only iPhones, that would have otherwise cost $500+ if purchased a 360 camera. In order to combine the video streams together we used open source APIs that would automate video stitching, replacing the need for software that cost on average of $400.

Challenges I ran into

To introduce this as a proof of concept we decided use the Oculus Rift as a proof of concept for the judges for two reasons. First to introduce a perspective of the smartphone/tablet 360 view, and the second to explain the opportunity available for BeThere to be at the forefront of the commercial launch of the Oculus Rift in Early 2016 by Facebook.

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