We believe that Blockchain technology can change the daily lives people and play an important role in many areas that we did not think yet. One of such area is management foundations. Foundations are important organizations to support vulnerable groups in society and many people with good intentions support people in need indirectly by providing financial assistance to the foundation. Here, we believe making foundations to blockchain technology will increase its financial transparency and in return it will increase trust of donors. Moreover, it will also provider a better user experience by providing all the data regarding the foundation activities to anybody interested with simple button clicks on the website. By using blockchain technology, the system will be immutable and therefore, there will be left no room for illegal actions such as non-existing grant-receivers. To show all these, we build "Betelgeuse Foundation"


Betelgeuse Foundation provides support to the vulnerable groups and people in society in a transparent way. To do so, anybody with become a member of the foundation on 7/24 basis by using the blockchain technology and provide help. You might be wondering that this can be done without blockchain. However, with the use of blockchain technology, members can be sure that their financial support to the foundation will not lost, nobody can steal it, and it will be verifiable it enters into treasury. More than this, members will be able to submit proposals and foundation smart contract will make sure that all proposals will have equal footing for being voted. Later members can see if their proposal has passed and executed by using simple button clicks. All recipients and foundation grants will be verifiable, there will be no room for corruption and manipulation.


Betelgeuse Foundation uses Aurora Network which is Layer-2 Solution built on top of NEAR Blockchain. NEAR Blockchain is famous with its reliable infrastructure and fast and cheap transactions. These qualities of the NEAR makes it an ideal blockchain to build foundation structure on it. The Foundation uses a React.js frontend to make user interaction.


While creating Betelgeuse Foundation, we realized that many more Foundation activities can also be put inside the smart contract. However, for efficiency, we chose the most important ones: voting and grant areas.


We believe we are the first Foundation contract built on Aurora Chain and we are proud of this. We think this project can bring tangible results and can really be implemented in practice. Therefore, we are happy that this project can be reala and can add value to the lives of people.


We learnt that Blockchain has an immense application area in all aspects of our life. By using blockchain technology we saw that blockchain can really be useful. Also, we saw that NEAR blockchain is really fast and cheap. We think that it will be a good choice to build many applications on it in the future.


In the future we are planning to expand the project to cover many parts of a Foundation management. We are planning to contact a foundation to see if they would be interested in our project. If no foundation found, then we will create a Blockchain Foundation to see if our system can perform well. We believe in our project and we hope it will really bring tangible results.

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