FanDuel and DraftKings are great, but we often found ourselves betting against our own teams. With betcoin, that's no longer an issue! Bet on your favorite players for $0.01 or $10,000. With near-instantaneous payouts and no limits, betcoin is revolutionizing the world on sports betting.

How it works

Betcoin harnesses the power of bitcoin to allow you to bet on your favorite players. You can bet on any statistical category out there - from points and assists to turn overs and minutes on the bench. Simply connect your Blockchain account and you're ready to play.

Challenges I ran into

Sleep. Learning Ruby on Rails overnight.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Creating a fully functional app in 36 hours by myself.

What I learned

However long you expect to develop a feature, double it.

What's next for Betcoin

Expansion to the NFL, MLB, World Cup and Olympics. Braintree (PayPal, credit card and Venmo) integration. More statistical categories

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