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Our inspiration is simple, we thought it would be cool to offer free holidays; even if it's in such a way that'd probably bankrupt our users.

What it does

Bet-a-way looks are sports matches from and based on the amount of money the user want's to gamble, and the probability of winning and projected earnings, we present the user with several flights from skyscanner that fit the price range.

How we built it

We used docker to break up each part of the application: content delivery, skyscanner handler, and skybets handler. The content delivery system can talk to the handlers over a virtual network generated by Amazon Web Services' EC2 Container Service. We then used Route 53 and EC2 Elastic Load Balancing to deliver the website and secure it with SSL. We got the domain from

Challenges we ran into

One of the biggest issues was the lack of an actual API to use with skybets. Additionally, several issues we encountered with AngularJS and are lack of experience with NodeJS. Another challenge was wrapping our heads around load balancing on AWS.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Creating bet-a-way even though everyone thought we didn't have enough time
  • Using Photoshop
  • Actually getting ELB and Route 53 to work

What we learned

To go big or go home, because when life gives you lemons, go bankrupt

What's next for Bet-a-way

Bankruptcy and/or a casino in Macau (because Las Vegas is too mainstream)

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