This project is created and demoed during T.Hack 2016 (a 12-hour hackathon) organized by Toronto Hacker Club. link Best Pitch / Hackmyrecorder measures your recorder's (woodwind instruments') pitch and auto-adjust the length of the instrument to generate the right pitch and frequency.


Woodwind instruments usually take a long time to adjust the length of a mouthpiece to generate the right pitch, and the tone generated constantly changes over time. Beginners also could not play woodwind really well, because they haven't mastered the technic of blowing air. We came up with idea that we could measure the pitch is being blown and adjust the instrument tube length in order to form the right pitch all the time.

Function & Algorithm


The hardware of this project contains several systems.




We use one Romeo BLE mini as central control board. It contains a motor driver, io pins, and a BLE module.

data collection and feedback

We dec



Further Development

We plan to print PCB and makes the electronic part much smaller and stabler. We also plan to make these kinds of designs for different instruments (such as guitar and trumpet).

Built With

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