We discovered that when a patient visits a new provider they are handed a clipboard that has many pages of daunting legal information that does not explain the good, bad and the ugly of treatment and financial obligations. These clipboards are designed to protect physician’s interests and meet HIPAA requirements. However there are no provisions within these pages that advocate for the patient’s ability to make an informed decision.

What it does

BestConsent is a solution for caregivers to help patients navigate their care treatment plan by clearly presenting the information in a way they can understand and make informed decisions. By moving the consent medium from paper to digital, information can be presented in a legible, updated and clear manner. In addition, digital consent streamlines office workflow by saving time, resources and money through systems integration and eliminating the antiquated method of data entry from paper to computer.

How I built it

BestConsent was designed using the latest conventions in software technology such as PHP and MySQL with affordability, usability and security in mind. Located in a HIPAA compliant cloud solution, BestConsent is available 24/7 as an integrated and intuitive system from patient’s homes and physician's facilities. This architecture provides a less stressful solution for the patient resulting in accurate, meaningful data collection.

Challenges I ran into

1) Selecting features that best addressed user’s needs and would keep the application “clean” enough to remain simple and intuitive. 2) Building the Object Oriented backbone was the greatest challenge as we needed to devise an infrastructure that was modular enough to incorporate substructures and features in the current design and allow scalability.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We started this endeavor back in October of 2015 and we were fortunate enough to find a talented and dedicated team of developers that understood the challenges to developing the solution. The executive team possessed the business acumen to make the inspiration a reality with a solid business model and management style that enabled us to build a solution that was scalable and robust.

What I learned

What we found was how exciting it was to develop the software from design to deployment with dynamic and flexible tools in a short amount of time. Also, by having a strong developer-client relationship, we realized how important it is to have constant and open dialog during development. The open dialog resulted in a solution that exceeded our client's expectations and allowed us to go to market with a robust and scalable solution in a short period of time.

What's next for BestConsent

Further meeting requirements in functionality such as:

Integrating with Value Added Partners to enhance client experience

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