We wanted to create software that personalizes the restaurants in your area to you. The more you go eat out, the better the software gets to know your taste and keeps that in mind when recommending places for you to go!

What it does

The software takes in a few inputs such as your zip code, and budget for the meal. The software then looks at all the restaurants listed in your zip code and finds the coordinate distance between each one and scores restaurants on how close they are to you. It then takes a look at your budget and finds restaurants that align closely with your budget without going too over or too under and scores restaurants on that criteria. Then the program also considers yelp reviews it finds on the restaurants. The more yelp reviews a restaurant has, the stronger the score because it is more likely to be consistent and accurate than restaurants with few reviews. Finally, it looks at meals, and restaurants you've chosen through our program and compares your past data with current data its looking for and gives it an extra score based on that. We optimized the algorithm so it's not dominated by the food and restaurants you had before, but allows it as an extra suggestion with a few extra points. Then once you choose a restaurant it reccomends, it opens up a google maps webpage so you can find the directions and how to get there.

How we did it

Utilizing the flask framework we derived a web application that will take the user input of their zip code and maximum budget, and recommend them the the best restaurant that serves tacos or burritos. The decision is based on yelp reviews, how close the restaurant is to the user's budget, distance, and past personal preferences.

Challenges we ran into

Combining the front end and back end servers and talking to each other seamlessly

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being able to take a bunch of data, doing analysis, and create an interactive interface that interacts with the user to analyze and display results

What we learned

Combining front end and back end servers with statistics and data science models.

What's next for Best_Darn_Tacos

Mobile Application!!!

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