Many times I have been in a situation where I want to buy something from a stranger on the WEB, but I can not be sure that his product is good, without any defects. When I want to buy a video card from other people, will it work correctly for a day, a week? Or i wanna make deals with manufacturer in other country and he wants 100% prepayment. Or you want to receive 100,000 euros in cash in Rome, but you have the money in New York. You will find intermediaries who will promise to help with this. You can give 100k in NY, but who guarantees that these people who provide services will not scam you? I GIVE YOU GUARANTEES.

What it does

The site has a source code that is located in the blockchain of the Ethereum cryptocurrency. The rules of a smart contract will not give you the opportunity to deceive a buyer or seller without spending half the amount for which the fraud is calculated. That is, if the fraudster wants the seller or buyer not to receive, for example, 10 thousand dollars, then the fraudster must spend his 5 thousand. And even in this case, none of the participants in the deal will receive funds, they will contain on the balance of the smart contract.

How we built it

I had an idea, then I learned the first steps in Solidity, then some Js, React and watched many hours of different videos on YouTube. And .... BOOM - I have a working site. Big thx for and

Challenges we ran into

There are no challenges in this project if you are an experienced programmer. But if everything is new, then every step is given with difficulty.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

One thing I'm really proud of is that at the end of development, against all odds, I put all the components together and made a working project that can benefit people.

What we learned

some base from Solidity, Hardhat, React, Js

What's next for

I think need add USDT token and video about interact with smart contract without Metamask. I'm working on it.

Built With

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