Ever been lost trying to find a foreign restaurants without having any knowledge on other languages but English? Well, you're in luck since Best Resto alleviates your lack of bilingualism or multilingualism. With this app, the name of the restaurant is RIGHT in your hand, and your doubtful worries about whether the restaurant is worthy enough of your student loan or your hard saved money from your monthly allowance will be calmed.

What it does

Best Resto allows the user to take a picture of any restaurant's banner, in any language, and have the reviews from various websites pop up, with a summary of the keywords most commonly used in the various reviews.

How we built it

Using Xcode and swift. Used Core Location from Apple to obtain the user's location.

Challenges we ran into

Since we spent 2 hours finding an idea and realized mid-way that it wasn't that great, we brainstormed another solid hour for our new idea. There was not much time left. Also, one of our member early. Also also, the Kyogre's gym was too far away, and we wasted our raid pass.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of giving up. JK, we never give up. We are proud to catch a Groudon during the hackathon, not something many can say. We did, however, learn about iOS app development as we were complete beginners to it.

What we learned

We learned the basics of XCode and of swift, while also learning how to work as a functioning team.

What's next for Best Resto

Implementing the camera function into our app, and use OCR to decode the restaurant's name. Then, we have to pull the best reviews from popular review websites such as yelp, google reviews, and many others.

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