This is my first time programming and I just wanted to make something fun for me and my best friends to use! It has a lot of fun/funny links in one place.

What it does

It links to several websites/videos, including tumblr, rainymood, YouTube, and ifunny,

How I built it

I used HTML, CSS, and some Javascript to make this project.

Challenges I ran into

I am a Psych major and half of the time, I was just trying my best to keep up with coding and the rules of it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Considering I have never coded before and had never even heard of CSS before this event, I am proud that I actually made something that looks decent, let alone something that works. Hopefully, I will get to share this with my friends and we can have some fun with it!

What I learned

Through building this project from the ground up, I was able to learn the basics of HTML and CSS, possibly some slightly more difficult techniques from rigorous web-searching.

What's next for Best Friend Website

Ideally, I would want to add a menu bar and a few more pages to it.

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