30% of the Earth is covered in forests, but around 50 thousand square miles of it is lost.Whereas games like Farm Ville made over a $100M. So as to tackle this major problem we bring to you PlantAR an AR based garden farming game which allows you to help increase afforestation and reforestation.

What it does

This app has a built in AR garden which the user can populate using seeds. Once the seeds are planted they need to be grown using rainfall. The seeds can be bought in the in-game store which allows both in-game cash as well as external payments. Out of every purchase made by the player a certain amount is given to an NGO which then plants an actual tree for the same.

How We built it

We used Unity along with Vuforia package for Augmented Reality. We further used ARCore for spawning models. We used echoAR for spawning the models. We also used firebase for user authentication.

Challenges We ran into

Unity Collab crashed while working making it harder to collaborate and co develop. We had to figure out echoAR from scratch to use.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Having completed a prototype of an AR game like farmville. Implemented a Market Place with Cart functionality.

What We learned

We got to understand how to make a simle market place using Unity. We learned how to use echoAR for storing and loading models into Unity. Learned how to develop a simple backend for the coin transfer.

What's next for Best echoAR Hack - Societal Change - PlantAR

A plant identification feature can be added to the game where you can click photos of plants and upload them to earn in game currency based on the rarity of the plant. More plants can be added in the market place. In the coming future this game can be given more of a realistic feel to it by adding seasonal plants and also allowing users to plant only based on the demographic they currently in, this will allow diversity in reforestation.

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