The best song of all time

What it does

Redirects you to the music video of Blue by Eiffel 65

How I built it

I bought the domain yo

Challenges I ran into

Couldn't decide between blue and all star and also I quickly ran into the 63 char limit on domain name labels

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud I managed to grab this quality domain name before someone had got the same genius idea as I did

What I learned

I learned about the 253 global char limit on a domain and the 63 char limit on domain name labels

What's next for Best domain name ever

It's just incredible. Using the newest technologies in AI, machine learning and progressive block-chain, our team managed to generate the most dankestest ever domain names in the history of domain names.

Built With

  • the-power-of-the-web
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