My Girlfriend and I was during researched about Maldives holiday packages and check price during this pandemic for upcoming season. We found it that price is really high and most of traveller who cant afford a holiday with their family to Maldives, specially during this Covid-19 pandemic. So we decided to make an easy and cheap plan for those who want holiday in Maldives so we can give a hand to them to make their dream come to true and make them unforgettable stay here in Maldives, and we had deal with some of my friend hotel that we can make their stay instalment plan so it would be really helpful. We realised that we could also a simple web that everyone can gather and discuss in the platform that we were making our deals and best price,

What it does

It is a web page bot that allows people to get contact with us by chat with our travel planer. By giving your requirement to agent according to that we will make a BAR price, we learn your general style and thus we are able to recommend the apartments that you are going to like, under your budget, in Maldives :) We can also book the Holiday package for you.

How I built it

by using ascend by wix

Challenges I ran into

Our biggest challenge was using python's sql orm to store our data. In general, integrating the many libraries we used was quite challenging.

The next challenge we faced was time, our application was slow and timing out on multiple requests. So we implemented an in-memory cache of all the requests but most importantly we modified the design of the code to make it multi-threaded.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We all used a shared database on AWS RDS which saved us a lot of database scheme migration nightmares.

What I learned

We learned how to use python in depth with integration with MySQL and Sk learn. We also discovered how to spawn a database with AWS. We also learned how to save classifiers to the database and reload them.

What's next for Best Deal For traveller at the Lowest cost to Maldives

If we win hopefully my dream come true because we help people those who are in need! Can be used by companies for automatic accommodations for people having interviews. But only by individuals how just want to find the best apartment for their own style!

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