We were inspired but some of the mental health struggles of our team members and the need for a mental health resource locator tailored to the user the provides an environment that will not further trigger mental health episodes

What it does

connects users with mental health resources in their area based upon user input

How we built it

using for a front end low code host and connected with some audio api kits and with the google maps api

Challenges we ran into

our team all works, and during the weekend some of us faced 10 or 12 hour shifts and we have never met prior to penapps and still were able to complete a minimum viable product

Accomplishments that we're proud of

overcoming terrible scheduling and a team that was assembled 72 hours ago

What we learned

cooperation, apis, and

What's next for Best Buddy

growing the app in a bigger environment off of a low code platform and hopefully continuing to help connect people with mental health issues to proper resources!

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