Need skill which can quickly provide Best books listed by New York Times to find good books to purchase and also find the movies currently on the top lists and picked by critics

What it does

This skill provides information about bestsellers book listed on New York Times with latest data and also provides movie review summery and information link to get details of the movie review. It provides the list of bestseller books categories and for each category user can get the list of books for the current week. It has three main features:

1. Get Categories

get categories
This request provides all categories under which bestsellers books are listed. List is displayed on the displayed interface, by tapping on the selected category user can view the books listed for the selected category.

2. Get Books for Category

If user knows the category then user can ask for the bestsellers list directly e.g.
"get books for sports"
"get book for travel at rank 5"
Details of book is provided by Alexa and same is also displayed on the display

3. Get movie review

By saying "get movie review", user can get the short movie review of latest movies 5 at a time. Paging option is provided to know more.

How I built it

This skill is based on New York Times API. By making API calls it gets the up to date data and provides same to the user.It is built by using Alexa Skill and developed using python package ask-sdk. This also implements Alexa Presentation Language to support display devices. User can easily navigate on display devices for various informations

Challenges I ran into

Using correct API from New York Times API and processing data

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Implementing APL and building nice navigation for the screen

What I learned

Alexa Presentation Language and New York TImes API

What's next for Best Books and Movies

To add more APIs from New York Times e.g. "Top Stories"

Built With

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