Inspiration - there is too many online-ads today, it appears everywhere and without any notice. Banner Blindness is the result. So we decided to make a change in online-advertising using gamification.

What it does - gamification helps us to get higher users' involvement and loyalty in our advertising campaigns.

How we built it - we are still in progress.

Challenges we ran into - gamification of Targeted Actions is a real challenge, since we are looking for such game mechanics, dynamics and design that would bring alternative forms of Benefit for advertisers'.

Accomplishments that we're proud of - has expressed interest in our startup in the field of gamification. Since are world leaders in gamification, we consider this fact as an accomplishment.

What we learned - users are ready to play games in order to get a product for free.

What's next for BESPLATNO.KZ - we are creating our MVP right now. After MVP stage we plan to raise funds and continue developing more games for our advertisers.

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