Personal safety apps received increased prominence in the media after the 2012 Delhi gang rape case and consequent protests against "brutal rapes, molestation and mistreatment of women" Technology, including social and mobile tools, are playing an important role in improving overall personal safety, with technologies such as GPS, SMS, video, alerts, alarms, and more, allowing a user in distress to alert bystanders and close friends.

Technologies used -

  • Use of Cloud : Google map Api.
  • Notivize : Alert notifications.

What it does

  • Captures user’s location
  • Shares location to police station
  • Notifies emergency contacts
  • Live updates


  • Real time location updates.
  • Reverse geocoding.
  • Tabular data representation.
  • Push notifications (via notivize)
  • Clean and user friendly UI.

How we built it

It is build using Google Map JavaScript API and reverse geocoding features through which we get constant updates about victim's locations.

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