We wanted to empower individuals with a secure and trustless solution for estate planning across their entire cryptocurrency portfolio. Our goal is to provide peace of mind by leveraging Axelar's crosschain capabilities to ensure that assets can be seamlessly transferred and inherited using a single source of truth without the need for intermediaries or the risk of manipulation.

What it does

BeSafe is a secure and trustless cross-chain estate planning service for any EVM compatible chain on the Axelar network. It allows individuals to seamlessly make estate plans for assets across multiple blockchains, ensuring their loved ones are taken care of in the future. When the time comes to transfer assets, the individual's chosen beneficiaries will be able to withdraw assets using predefined rules after a certain period of time without needing to come to agreement with other beneficiaries or third parties fostering trust and confidence in the inheritance process.

How we built it

We built our project using the Axelar network and the Solidity programming language. Axelar provided us the cross-chain communication infrastructure to allow cross-chain estate settlement and asset transfers. We wrote the smart contracts in Solidity to implement the core functionality of BeSafe so that it can be deployed on any EVM compatible chain supported by Axelar. Our initial launch chain set is Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, and Fantom.

Challenges we ran into

We had not written any Solidity contracts and it was our first time using Axelar so there was definitely an initial learning curve to get started. Luckily, Axelar's libraries abstract away virtually all of the complexities of calling contracts and transferring tokens cross-chain making it extremely easy to work with!

What's next for BeSafe

We plan to implement more advanced estate distribution rules, allowing users to set up complex inheritance scenarios. Additionally, we would love to make BeSafe a non-custodial contract giving users full control and ownership of their assets.

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