Witnessing the atrocities(protests, vandalism, etc.) caused by the recent presidential election, we want to make the general public (especially for the minorities and the oppressed) be more safe.

What it does

It provides the users with live news update happening near them, alerts them if they travel near vicinity of danger, and provide them an emergency tool to contact their loved ones if they get into a dangerous situation.

How we built it

  • We crawl the latest happenings/events using Bing News API and summarize them using Smmry API.
  • Thanks to Alteryx's API, we also managed to crawl tweets which will inform the users regarding the latest news surrounding them with good accuracy.
  • All of these data are then projected to Google Map which will inform user about any happening near them in easy-to-understand summarized format.
  • Using Pittney Bowes' API (GeoCode function), we alert the closest contacts of the user with the address name where the user is located.

Challenges we ran into

Determining the credibility of tweets is incredibly hard

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Actually to get this thing to work.

What's next for BeSafe

Better UI/UX and maybe a predictive capability.

Built With

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