Inspiration -

I got inspired for making this app when I saw that my friends and family who sometimes tend to not have enough internet bandwidth to spare to an application, and signal drops make calling someone a cumbersome task. Messaging was not included in this app, since I wanted it to be light-weight. It also achieves another goal; making people have a one-on-one conversation, which has reduced day by day as people have started using texting a lot.

What it does -

This app helps people make calls to their friends/co-workers/acquaintances without using too much of internet bandwidth, when signal drops are frequent and STD calls are not possible. The unavailability of messaging feature helps save more internet data and forces people to talk instead of texting. This helps people be more socially active among their friends.

How I built it -

This app encompasses multiple technologies and frameworks. This app is a combination of Flutter, Android and Firebase developed with the help of Dart and Java. It was a fun task to make all the UI elements and then inculcate them into the main frontend of the application. The backend uses Google Firebase for it's database and authentication, which is a service from Google for hosting apps with lots of features, and uses Google Cloud platform for all the work. Connecting the frontend and backend was not an easy task, especially for a single person, hence the App is still under development phase and not yet fully functional.

Challenges we ran into -

This whole idea was a pretty big challenge for me. This is my first project in Flutter, and I have never done something on this large scale, so I was totally skeptical about the completion of the project and it's elements. The majority of the time was dedicated to the frontend of the application, but the backend was a big problem especially for a beginner like me, hence the incomplete status.

Accomplishments that we're proud of -

Despite many of the challenges I ran into, I'm extremely proud of what I've been able to produce over the course of these 36 hours.

What I learned -

I learned a lot about Flutter and Firebase, and frontend-backend services in general. I learned how to make many new UI widgets and features, a lot of new plugins, connecting Android SDKs to the app and using them for smooth functioning. I learned how Firebase authenticates users and their emails/passwords with the built in authentications features, and how it stores data in containerized formats and uses it in projects, which will be very helpful in my future. One more important thing I learned was how I could keep my code organized and better formatted for easier changes whenever required. And lastly, I learned a lot about Git and how it is useful for such projects.

What's next for Berufung -

I hope this app will be fully-functioning, and we will add new features such as 2 Factor Authentication, Video calling, and group calling.

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