Thursday night, our first night in Berlin, we went out to have some fun. We were surprised to find out that we didn't fit the criteria of local clubs and weren't alowed in 2 of them, the same night. The experience made us think that this could happen to other tourists, and therefore we decided to do something about it. We made some research on Berlin club criteria and saw that the majority of them shared the same or similar.

What it does

Berlout tells users if they fit entry criteria for Berlin clubs. They only have to take a picture to find out what clubs they will be most probably rejected and those they will be allowed to enter.

How we built it

We built the web app by conecting a dynamic map generated in Esri with computer vision, using javascript and cognitive.

Challenges we ran into

some API and javascript problems

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Allowing us and other people to enjoy Berlin night life through a usable web app. And we finally finish a MVP demo.

What we learned

We learned that it is very difficult to get in Berlin clubs. And that javascript is not python ;)

What's next for Berlout

Berlout next features will include recomendations for users in order to upgrade their chances of entering Berlin clubs.

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