COVID-19 has had atrocious effects on food banks and homeless shelters around the globe. So we decided to combat these issues through our app which servers both charities and people who wish to either seek help or donate to the charities.

What it does

Bequeath Health is an app which facilitates contacting charities such as food banks and homeless shelters. There are 2 options presented when we open the app, it will ask if we are a Charitable organization or a user. When we select the Charitable organizations option, the app allows us tp register the charity in the app. It will then allow us to input the names of items the charity requires donations for along with the prices for full financial transparency. And if we select the User option, it further gives us two choices asking us if we are either in need of help from the charities or if we wish to make a donation to these charities. If the user requires help from the charities, they are free to browse the different charities which are registered on the app and then select the particular items they require to be sent to them. And if the user wishes to donate money, they can similarly browse through the different charities and select the particular item they wish their money to go towards along with the quantity. They can then make the payment through PayPal, Gpay, etc

How we built it

We built it using Front-end : HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX. Backend : Python , Django , PostgreSQL , MySQL ORM.

Challenges we ran into

Time constraint for development.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Jaden: 'This was my first hackathon and I'm proud that I managed to make something along with my team-mate. I really liked the idea of brain storming and collaborating with someone around the world to come with a solution for a real world problem and my glad I had the opportunity to do it.' Padmini: ' Getting innovative critiques from collaborator, simplifying the whole problem solving approach for a social cause '.

What we learned

Learnt to acknowledge the atrocities around the world and how a minimal effort from STEM can eradicate it.

What's next for Bequeath Health

Registration page for charities and enabling features for them to enter their programs .

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