In developing countries, there exists a huge difference between the selling rates for various types of blood. "bePositive" is a location based app that helps MANAGE, TRACK and CONTROL BLOOD INVENTORY SYSTEMS AROUND THE WORLD.

A blood type of O+ was just $10 a bottle whereas AB- was around $500. There is a necessity to bridge this gap somehow. The app has a service based model.

Individuals can use the Android App to find blood banks around to donate to. A Pebble smartwatch can be used to send Push Notifications whenever a person is in the vicinity of a blood bank.

On the Web App, Hospitals can see the blood level inventory in the blood banks. The blood banks can also check the inventory of blood levels of a given hospital and can issue a quote to the hospital accordingly. This helps reduce the cost of blood for the hospitals as they don’t have to abide to any contract to blood bank. For usage in developing countries such as India, Africa, and others. We use the same model of inventory tracking. However, individuals, doctors and practitioners can either use the service to request for blood from people in the vicinity. The rate of selling would be standardized since we are trying to bridge the gap between the cost of blood.

Save lives. bePositive!

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