We were trying to come up with a good app idea and we were going to do one that would help you track your workout exercises but then we decided we would rather do something fun and silly. Also Robyn wanted to learn Unity and we wanted to make good use of Jackie's amazing Photoshop skills. Bench Bros. quickly came into existence and evolved until it was about getting maximum gains while exploring the final frontier.

What it does

Bench Bros. is a fun game which tests your reaction time and ability to gain while experience interstellar travel.

How I built it

We assembled Bench Bros. within the Unity game engine, we wrote scripts for the game with Visual Studio is C#, we made sprites for the game within Photoshop and paint, and we used audacity to record some sound effects

Challenges I ran into

We needed to both learn how to do pixel art and use the Unity game engine. This was our first time ever writing in C# and our first time making a game in Unity.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We actually finished the game. Also the sound effects are rad.

What I learned

We learned how to use Unity, how to create pixel art, some of the difference in working in C# as compared C++ and how much work goes into making even a simple game.

What's next for Bench Bros.

Bench Bros. next horizon is porting to android and adding even more functionality and fun to our product.

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