BELP is trying to improve your daily life by identifying events in real-time that are important to you. That might be a parade in honor for King Abdullah or a lunch special at a nearby restaurant. But since our backend incorporates the latest state of technology in using web sockets, we can actually extend our app to government, administrative, disaster control and other important use cases.

Due to the nature of our app, we designed Belp for mobile first. It runs on any mobile device with an up-to-date internet browser, but is also accessible from tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

As a business owner or organizer of a special event, I can control what information I want to broadcast to my customers or event attendees. In the city of Los Angeles for example, food trucks are very popular. These mobile restaurants are changing their locations frequently. Their position can be easily updated with the app and their customers will also be notified when they’re nearby.

It is important to us that whenever our users open the app, belp shows them actual events they really care about.

This app is especially useful for business owners that want to attract customers that are foreign to the area, i.e. tourists.

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