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Coronavirus needs many Heroes to come to the rescue. helps local businesses survive the Covid-19 crisis by publicising their current services in order to bring customers to them.

What it does

The idea to bring local customers and local businesses together is a effective way to tackle the economic challenges we are facing today. Our #VersusVirus team of heroes looked at ways to expand this idea in different directions to make the service of more appealing. Through this, we hope more users will be motivated to use the service thus creating a higher impact on the local economy.

How we built it

It requires a community effort – so we introduced a way for local individuals or groups to be heroes by volunteering their services, like doing deliveries, and for people to ask the community for help. It’s important to incentivise customers and volunteers so we introduced the “Heropoints” loyalty programme that can be spent at participating businesses. We also talked with others to help realise these solutions – for example ZETmesh a Norwegian climate-friendly transport solution.

What we learned

The biggest effort is getting started. Then, it may be hard sometimes, it may need a lot of energy to work intensively in a team, some of us may feel sometimes like in a deadlock but the team is there to push each of us and keep us going. Together we were very creative and supportive and thats what brought us to the end of this hackathon, with a result which we can all be proud of!

Challenges we ran into

It is challenging and yet exciting to transform these rather short 48 hours into a helpful contribution to In a short period of time, it is difficult but yet successful for each of us in a team to coordinate and collaborate via only virtual meetings. It is also tricky to balance ambition and deliverables but here we are, we made it!

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We’re proud to have attracted a great Global team of Heroes to work so well together on this challenge. Great co-ordination with the founders of who are interested to move forward with the ideas we came up with. Plus, we managed to attract other companies, such as ZETmesh from Norway, to work with us on our ideas and in the future with

What's next for BeLocalhero#206

We will continue to improve and add functionalities together with cofounder Alban Muret and Nadja. We will continue to work seamlessly to support those in need regardless of time of Covid-19 crisis or regular time. We will continue to empower individuals and small businesses in order to build a strong community.

Dream Team

 Martin Russell: Economic Impact Mentor
 Yang Menz: Team Building, Project Management
 Sheila Planta: Social Economy
 Nikola Mijovic: International Management
 Keshav Astir: Business Administration
 Elise Durr: Digital Marketing 
 David Luggen: Software Engineering
 Clémence Oriol: Social Entrepreneurship
 Laure Oriol: Philanthropy Coaching
 Chris Bohnert: Technical Writing
 Martin Schüller: Vacay GmbH 
 Jan-Olaf Willums: ZET GmbH 
 Gloria Ghielmini: Sustainable Investing 
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