How does it work?

Coolers have a specific chute for each Coke SKU. A prop is added to the back of each chute that generates a sound with its own unique frequency when products are dispensed.

Sensitive microphones are placed inside the coolers.

As products are picked up, the sound is read and an on-board computer transmits data wirelessly over the web.

Coke bottlers get real-time notification on out-of-stock products or when they reach re-order levels.

What does it measure?

The solution reads sound inside the cooler and detects unique sound frequencies of individual chutes when products are picked-up.

Does the retailer/bottler/distributor have to do anything different to make your solution work? (if yes, please explain)

Assuming the modifications for the coolers are done by Coke and their partners, the retailers / bottlers / distributors will be required to do very little.

There will be process to deactivate the sound sensing technology when products are being refilled in the coolers. Once the products are refilled, the sound detection can be switched back on. This can be done with click of a button via a web interface on a mobile device.

What materials does your solution require?

  • Sensitive microphone and sound detection technology
  • Onboard computer to control and transmit data
  • Wi-Fi or similar data transmission technology

Best guess on cost to implement

Under $20.

Challenges you/your team ran into

OSEPP Arduino compatible sound sensors are good for prototyping but will need a more sensitive devise for real-life implementation.

What you/your team learned

Effective solutions need not be complicated or expensive. Low tech / low cost solutions can go a big way in solving real-life problems.

Next steps

Refine the sound detection code and read frequencies that it needs to detect, to cover different product SKUs in a cooler.

Anything else you want to add

The event has been a blast and we're eagerly looking forward to implementing this solution for Coke and solving more real-life problems.

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