It can be hard to remember where you put things once they are packed in a box. We wanted to build an application to make this process easier.

What it does

Our application allows you to systematically generate QR codes to be placed on boxes. The user can add items to these boxes, as well as an image, a description, and a location. This way, they can easily find anything they are looking for.

How we built it

We based our application on the groundbreaking stdlib platform. This allowed us to forget about the way our backend connected to our front end, allowing us to focus on the functionality. We built the front-end with React.

Challenges we ran into

It is always a challenge to build an application with a technology that is unfamiliar, but we had the help of the developers of stdlib to get us through. We learned a lot through this experience.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to meet all of our goals, with time to spare. We were able to develop our application to a high standard by working together.

What we learned

By each having our own defined roles, we were able to share the workload effectively and make something awesome. We got to learn how to use cool new technologies, and gain some more skill in our professions.

What's next for bellbois

Stay tuned...

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