Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we stay at home. Use Stay Home especially now to connect yourself with your neighbours, to stay in touch with your social network and get through quarantine healthier. We have decided to provide “Stay Home” free of charge until further notice! Sharing is caring <3

Stay Home is a Real Social Network, in which you can meet and support your neighbourhood and the surrounding areas. Stay Home enables you to bring the advantages of the digital world into the analogue world.

Just imagine: Your neighbour goes shopping and can bring you something. You urgently need flour, because you are going to bake a cake? Or, you need a screwdriver but don't have one by yourself? No problem! With Stay Home, your neighbour is just a click away.

Searching-Radius: Meet people in your surrounding areas has never been closer.

Post your contribution: Need something? Great! Just post it and tell it to your neighbours. You can help? Awesome! Post your contribution and tell the granny in your surrounding areas that you plan to go shopping. You would deserve grandma's kiss!

News: You have an individual concern? Just ask your neighbours. Easy Login: Use your Facebook- or Xing- Account to get ready within a few seconds.

I'm proud of 200k Users in 1 Week

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