Bella Giornate is a pubcrawl route planner that with user given number of stops and the radius distance, displaying the pubs around them available on embedded google map. This web application is targeting university students that are planning on outing such as pub crawl, ice cream crawl or even burrito crawl!

The features that we're planning on implementing would be:

  • integrate on mobile device for live update on your event
  • able to return the pubs based on the theme you selected or the mood you're in
  • for safety of the participants, they won't be able to get the information of the next destination unless they complete certain challenges, such as solving a linear algebra question, if fail to complete, uber option will show up to send you home safely
  • Uber can also be used for traveling between bars as user marks the bar as completed, drinking and driving is not cool!
  • the rating and budget can be specified based on the crowd you're going with
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