Social distancing is difficult. It makes connecting with your loved ones more difficult, and oftentimes virtual alternatives to communication wont be able to capture key nonverbal cues that may indicate how someone is truly feeling. This places people at risk of mental health disorders or even self harm as their loved ones start to adapt to social distancing and e-communication. We wanted to find a creative solution to mitigate mental and emotional challenges during these unmitigated times, while integrating it with the BellLetsTalk message to give them a platform and donate money towards mental health initiatives.

"When we recognize that someone is having [negative] thoughts and we reach out we are instantly planting a seed of hope that they are not invisible, that they're not alone."

  • Misty Vaughan Allen

What it does

BéllLétsTalk allows you to play interactive games to lift you up as you make your way through the official BellLetsTalk video. This encourages viewers to watch the full video and makes it more memorable as each statement is immortalized in a minigame.

How we built it

BéllLétsTalk is a static website with 6 interactive JavaScript-based games. We used p5.js to build all 6 games and to host them. We used w3for the frontend.

Challenges we ran into

Since this is each of our first time's using JavaScript, we had much difficulty with the syntax. p5.js simplifies much of the game development but linking those games together on the same page was very challenging.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we took steps towards mitigating mental health problems by creating a fully-functional platform.

What we learned

We learned how to use JavaScript and can now make more dynamic websites!

What's next for BéllLétsTalk

It is possible to make our platform more impactful by partnering with Bell to launch an annual gamejam every Bell Lets Talk day.

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