Since the beginning of 2021, we have been organizing live meetings in our hometown dedicated to discussing cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.

Gradually, we began to organize a pool of private investors and invest in various NFT and gaming assets.

One of our major investments is that we have collected a pool of $138,000 and acquired assets in a game based on Solana - StarAtlas

Challenges we ran into

A little later we saw that more and more play-2-earn games were appearing, including those based on Solana. Most of them are in development, but we believe that in the next 1-2 years there will be a big increase in such games like Axie Infinity, which can already be played.

Therefore, we decided not just to invest in the gaming assets of future games, but also to acquire gaming assets and lease them to people who have the time and desire to earn in the play-2-earn industry.

When we started studying this area, we saw that there were dozens of times more people who wanted to get a scholarship than those who provide gaming assets for rent.

Now we already have 10 people who play games using our gaming assets.

What we learned

We have carefully studied the leaders in this direction, such as YGG and Merit Circle. We want to make our startup on Solana, because we like the Solana community and the blockchain itself is very fast and with low fees.

We also plan to invest in the assets of games mainly created on Solana. In such as CyBall, DefiLand, Aurora, Open Era, Project SEED and others.

Our vision is that we want people, using the play-to-earn opportunities, to have an interesting job and a decent salary.

We are planning to create a large DAO that will have subDAO in different areas of games.

Each direction will have its own leader who is well versed in the relevant game and can teach community members how to play more effectively.

What's next for Belka & Strelka community

We believe that the future in the crypto industry lies with communities, so we plan to place great emphasis on its development. We also want active community members to be co-investors and have additional benefits from participating in our community.

Our immediate goal is 1,000 players to whom we will give scholarship. The next target is 10,000 players.

And our big goal is 100,000 players around the world, to whom we have given the opportunity to play and earn with the help of our community

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