We found that large team chats had too much information to process at times. This will lead to people just turning off notifications and losing track of what was going on. Challenged by that, we decided to remedy that problem by creating this hack.

What it does

Our hack runs a server that listens to a slack team chat. When our client reads that the slash function has been triggered. We take the 100 most recent messages in the chat, gives each message a score based of people's reactions and response times and gives people a base to read from.

How we built it

Our server and client is hosted on Sinatra, a Ruby framework where we interact with Http get and post requests.The application is hosted on Heroku. We process quite a bit of JSON.

Challenges we ran into

The Slack API and Howdy's botkit doesn't really like sending posts to other applications, or servers. When it was time to connect our preliminary bot, we ran into some trouble. We also had a little bit of trouble for OAuth 2.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were able to run some advanced algorithims and implement them, it was quite the feat.

What I learned

Research them APIs

What's next for Belated for Slack

We will be submitting our app to the app directory, pending the addition of a few new algorithms we wish to add. We also wish to complete our implementation of our bot.

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