Our inspiration in making this application is to help students learn and improve the quality of their education, besides that we try to make applications that help students get lots of relationships while they are studying.

What it does

In short, the BelajarBarengMahasiswa application works by connecting one student to another in the learning arena and helping students to find the desired course mentor.

How we built it

In short we are looking for problems that if our application can help then we seek insights from our friends about our application after getting insight, we make a sketch and a brief overview of our application using the Balsamiq application to get a review of the interface and how the BelajarBarengMahasiswa application works then after receiving a review we tried to improve using figma.

Challenges we ran into

the problems we experience are mostly in the form of difficulties in communicating as we are in this pandemic era and when using figma we need to adapt a little in its use.

Accomplishments that we proud of

We are grateful to be able to learn about the user experience class and have the opportunity to immediately implement it by making the BelajarBarengMahasiswa application.

What we learned

We learned that in obtaining insight from the users, preparation is needed and we learn how to manage the information we get. For making simulations using figma and balsamiq is a big lesson for us because figma and balsamiq are very powerful but also very complex applications when used.

What's next for BelajarBarengMahasiswa

We hope that the "BelajarBarengMahasiswa" application can help students learn and open up broad relationships for them.

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