We both took the 'hack harassment' pledge and were interested in harassment between cultures and around the world; also, as first generation Americans we wanted to include the ability for users to learn more about the cultures to help combat the source of the harassment.

What it does

This web application has a world map that shows, in real time, the sentiment of the tweets directed at that country. A user is able to click on any country to see the stream of tweets, and will also be presented with positive pictures that people from that country have posted.

How We built it

We used the Twitter streaming API, and then sorted the tweets by location. For sentiment analysis, we used AFFIN scores and the Natural Language Tool Kit package.

Challenges We ran into

Crafting the UI, since there are many components that needed to be shown, in addition to the main map in the background.

What's next for Behind the Words

We hope to continue development to make this a robust educational resource. Cultural exchanges are essential to fighting against bigotry.

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