A situation on the street: You would like to help a needy person and he would like to receive your help. How to facilitate greater trust on the street?

What it does

A client carries a QR code and shows it to a donor. QR code links to our webpage for the client. This includes client's story verified by a trusted NGO and options to directly donate online or by SMS.

How I built it

Prototyped on paper and whiteboard, using Airtable. Used GitLab for the repository. It is a website in Django and html.

Challenges I ran into

  1. Designing app useful to all the stakeholders: donors, clients and NGOs.
  2. We wanted to use a template and ended up almost rewriting it from scratch.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We turned an idea on a whiteboard to a graphically pleasing prototype. We have something tangible to show the NGOs when we ask them for collaboration.

What I learned

Improved our knowledge of Django, html, legal and social situation in the field of social work.

What's next for Behind the Hat

  • Collaboration with trustworthy local organizations in Slovakia and Czech Republic
  • Automation of client site creation from csv file
  • Scaling to more countries
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