Trying to implement an augmented app that can close the gap between virtual world and real world, also to test the current hardware and software limitations that prevents the users to utilize AR/VR technology already.

What it does

It's an augmented game which augments a 3D-mapped virtual terrain in real world with the help of an AR-markers.

How we built it

We first started with building the game with the help of Unity3d Game Engine, designing the textures, the models and basic functionality of the game. The next step was to add AR capabilities to the game and map the textures and models onto the AR-marker with the help of Vuforia SDK.

Challenges we ran into

There were a couple of problems starting from the initiation of the project. Finding the marker rich-enough with features to allow the camera to augment everything in real-time on the marker. Horizontal vs Vertical Alignment of the markers.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. Getting the assets and resources together to create a basic prototype of the game.
  2. Using Mesh textures to give more details to the models in the game.
  3. Developing the project in an environment which was completely unknown to us.
  4. Achieving a working prototype with very few bugs.

What we learned

This being our first hackathon, the experience was crazy. We went from not having an idea of what to develop to developing an android game in AR genre (I know, right? It's mind-blowing for us).

What's next for BEHIND ENEMY LINES

  1. Start with a non-marker 3D augmentation
  2. Adding Multiplayer support
  3. Rendering optimization
  4. Angular Calibrations

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