Less than 10% of sexual assault victims report an incident because of reasons such as: victims fear retribution, think others will say assault was partially their own fault, feel assault was not serious enough to be reported, don’t know what and how to report or share etc.

How it works

Victims of sexual assault can share their experiences through an anonymous post to our platform. Those posts can be viewed in a feed and other users can give posters support, say they've experienced the same transgression or agree that the behavior the poster is reporting is inappropriate. This provides support for the poster while also giving them a space to talk about their experience without fear of judgment. As a mobile app, it provides an experience many students are accustomed to from posting to social media.

Based on the feedback provided on posts, BeHeard becomes a resource of what is considered inappropriate behavior which can raise awareness and influence social norms. Additionally, we provide a map of incidents so people can be aware of locations where assault and other transgressions are common. This can help drive user adoption as new students will want to know what areas of town they should be cautious of.

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