While spending the semester interning with the federal government, I became familiar with the disconnect between us ('the people') and the people making our laws. Even though we can contact our representatives, these emails are filtered by interns and generically responded to. Members of congress really only care to be informed about issues that a lot of his/her constituents are concerned about. This website is designed to provide a streamlined way for us to get in contact with our representatives.

How it works

Basically, once a certain threshold of popularity for a certain bill in a district is exceeded, we (the site) will reach out to the appropriate congress members to set up a live forum. To determine the popularity of a bill, the site hosts its own voting mechanism, and, more interesting, it analyzes opinions from twitter. The member of congress will receive protected links to set up a forum and to view the results for that Bill.

What's next for BeHeard

This was a great experience with web development, and is a site I really believe in and will deploy once polished.

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