Inspiration There are a lot of problems related to mental health and it has been an ongoing problem and spreading to teens. Developing a diagnostic app/website at their own resource would help in getting the help they need if necessary without the long pressuring talks with the doctor or the therapist.

What it does It assess the patient about their current mood, how long they have been feeling that way, when the last they saw a medical professional was, etc.

How I built it I used repl and coded with my partner Jacob using python and creating elif statements that access the patient depending on their specific situation/mood.

Challenges I ran into Small careless mistakes (punctuations, symbol usage, etc.)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of being able to write this code after taking a break off coding.

What I learned I learned how to use repl for the first time and relearn the skills I have learned before.

What's next for Behavioral Assessment Diagnostic Plan to develop into an official app or website and somehow link it to a health/medical database so that doctors and specialists may have the info beforehand when having the patient visit them.

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