BeReal and the environment. Particularly with Gen Z, whilst the impacts of climate change can be seen, not enough is done to deal with it.

What it does

At the start of the day, the app sends a notification with the daily challenge. You then have the day to do that one small act. Overtime, you learn about various ways to be sustinable and they eventually become part of your daily habit. If we all do our part, one step at a time, we will have a greener planet.

How we built it

We built the app with android developers and started to do it with swift. We built the website with html, css, javascript and php.

Challenges we ran into

Doing the notification for both the app and email were challening, but through talking to volunteers and helpers we were able to come up with ideas to solve this. Getting started with developing an app, as no one has built one.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to work together as a team, delegate and build an app and website that encourages sustainability.

What we learned

We learnt various technologies, each others strengths and weaknesses.

What's next for BeGreen

Add friends functionality and discover to see what random people are doing, if they consent. Currently developed a working app with android, need to work on the IOS app.

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