Let me walk you through the core idea of Be.Fit. Here we are majorly providing 2 services to the customer.

  1. Jog
  2. Exercise

We'll first talk about Jog. Have you ever thought of going for a run or jog or walk, outdoors, to get a better and healthy lifestyle? But where would you walk with the environment polluted at higher toxic levels than ever that will affect your health in a very bad way? We are in a smoke, smog, pollens, trash ridden place, whose air is bad to breathe and parks un-walkable.

BeFit provides you with the purest cleanest routes to take a stroll without harming yourself that would have happened otherwise. The route selection takes into consideration the weather, pollen content, pollution, air quality index, time of the day and traffic data too so you get a pleasant experience and can also cycle all the way. Jog is a web app in which the user inputs its location, how km he wants to walk or cycle and bam that's it, He'll get the purest path he should Jog on The end location will be his current location. This can be easily be scaled in accordance with the density of the corona patients i.e the path can tell where there are least corona patient positive. This depends on the data provided by the government. We learnt a lot of things while deploying this like how to integrate different API's, integrate and a whole lot of stuff. There were many challenges of API request exceeding its limit etc.

Now I'll talk about our other module of our application i.e Exercise. “Doing Wrong Physiotherapy exercise is More Harmful than Doing no Exercise “ Using Postnet we make sure that the exercises performed are accurate and give the maximum benefit to our user.

So in general

  1. Pregnant women find it difficult to visit an exercise trainer regularly
  2. Some ladies don’t feel comfortable going to gyms and prefer doing exercise at home
  3. There are people who cannot afford a physiotherapist and require guidance to do an exercise in a particular manner.
  4. At these unprecedented times of global pandemic, we all are stuck in our homes with little or no outdoor activity,

With this module, we have covered all the above-mentioned things. The provided solution is based on video-based AI that can assist people whether they are doing the exercise correctly or not. The idea is hosted on a web app accessible to all without any limitation to specific hardware.

There will be a GIF which will be guiding how to do exercise and a counter will be there if you match that GIF then the counter will increase it's value if you don't then counter will remain static. (GIF will be for visual purpose).

By this people can remain fit at home :)

Hope you got some insights of what are plan is. (The website might take 2-3 mins to update the maps URL for the first time.)

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