Befallen Is a first person puzzle game where you navigate a labyrinth befallen by nature through completing puzzles to open new areas.


  • This game requires a controller ####On menu
  • Left stick: Navigate
  • Button One: Select ####In game
  • Left stick: Move
  • Right stick: Rotate body
  • Button one: Jump
  • Right Trigger button: Tap to shoot objects you are holding, or objects you are looking at. Aiming is controlled by the player's sight
  • Left Trigger Button: Hold to pull nearby objects towards you, this will pick them up when they are close enough. Tap to drop a held object
  • D-pad Down: Respawn blocks (In case you lose track of them)
  • Start button: Pause menu


  • A telekinesis-like mechanic allows the player to look at and pull objects towards themselves to pick them up, as well as shooting objects away from them.
  • Each puzzle has the player locate a Key block, which they then take to a door to the next puzzle. Acquiring the block and getting it to the to the door will require the player to complete varying physics based puzzles such as:
    • Using buoyancy to float objects, as well as adjusting water levels to navigate a maze
    • Flinging objects to their destination using momentum
    • Adjusting the Scale of objects to create a safe passage
    • Manipulating Wind
    • Utilizing fire to burn flora blocking the player's path


  • The action of pulling and pushing objects takes advantage of the depth that VR, allowing it to stand out more, and causing it to feel much more natural to the user. The depth also makes for easier aiming without any form or reticle, the player just looks to where they want to aim.

  • The telekinesis-like mechanic of picking up objects allows the player to directly interact with the physics of the game, and the rotational tracking gives it a much more tactile feel.

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