Many mobile applications rely on multiple users to have the app just to function. I wanted to create something that can be used to communicate with others even if there is only one app user within that group of people. This inspired my torrenting app for physical objects. You simply request the number and the type of item you are in need of and the app sends text messages to all your friends in your contact list saying that you are in need of the object. Your friends simply reply to the text message with the number of item being requested that they can get to you. On your app side these requests look like "downloads" and start filling up as your friends reply. This can be used if you wanted to host a dinner with your friends and wanted everyone to bring ingredients. This can also be used if you are in need of an item but the stores that sell the specific item are already closed or out of stock. The key feature I am most proud of is that the app functions even with one user and the fact that I abused SMS poll functionalities to communicated non app users and app users.

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