Not knowing what the end consumer’s tastes are at any given time period has always been a challenge – a challenge which if not properly met leads to anywhere from supply chain issues to potentially lower product sales at the POS. Specifically, in the beer industry, not only does the brewery not know what to produce, which could lead to stale or even dead-end product, but at the POS, the waiter does not necessarily know what beer to suggest in order to contribute to a more engaging and satisfying consumer experience.
Wouldn’t it be great if everyone in the sales chain were on the same page by knowing the right product to offer at the right time to the right consumer – an ABInBev consumer, or potential consumer! Well we at BeerVisor, a.k.a. BeerGeeks, believe our solution thus far, and enhanced in the future, recommends product on a simple premise – that suggesting and offering real-time the most popular beer in the neighborhood will deliver better sales – that is higher sales of a better quality product.

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