Did this happen to you? You're at a party and you want to play beerpong. Looking for a partner you ask around, who's in it to win it. To the question "are you good at beerpong?" most people tend to say yes. 10 minutes and a crushing defeat later you and your skilled partner stand there. He only hit 1 cup.

People often overestimate their own skill, especially when there is no real skill indicator. Frustration of one-sided beerpong games led up to our idea to create a skill measure.

What it does

BeerRank elevates your beerpong experience by adding a digital layer. It tracks each players individual skill level with a rating system similar to the chess elo rating system.

Features include:

  • Skill Rating
  • Lobbies, that can be easily joined by scanning a QR-Code
  • Statistics of your past games, to analize your progress

Dev Challenges

  • solving CORS related issues were way more time consuming than expected.

What's next for BeerRank

Buying // DONE


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