Everyone loves consuming cheap beer that's close to them. We decided to encourage this behaviour.

What it does

step 1: desire alcohol
step 2: click button to find cheapest beer
step 3: go buy it

How I built it

scrapy to scrape the LCBO and SAQ websites
firebase to store the info
android client displaying all the info

Challenges I ran into

all the alcohol retailers had different websites, a different scraper had to be written for each one

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

it works! (ish)

What I learned

how to recursively crawl through all the relevant webpages
how to python

What's next for BeerBuddy

adding the beer store
UI improvements
gmaps addition when tapping on the drink
what are pictures
search bar to filter out drinks you don't care about

Crawler/scraper here:

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